Many tourists and visitors to Kiritimati come for our fishing, which is among the world's best and most unspoiled. Ikari House caters to this group, along with any of the non-fishing family and friends that may come along. Based on your experience and desires, the guide will suggest either fishing from shore or in the sea by boat

The convenient location of Ikari House is within 500 yards of the boat harbour, making early morning departures easy. No time is wasted driving to and from the boat, maximising the time you are able to spend on the water and ensuring you still have some energy to enjoy your catch after a long day of fishing.

Our boats are modern and well equipped with features like a roof for sun protection, and we can also contract with local 30-foot vessels with experienced captains. These boats can take you out for bonefish of course, but we can also customise a trip for tuna, wahoo, sailfish, and other pelargics. Typical pricing includes one guide for every two fishermen on board, but private guides can be made available for an additional fee.

For more information or to reserve a fishing trip, please contact us.

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